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High-Volume Document Scanning Services

At MSI, we provide document scanning services that are truly unique and remarkably efficient. We use the latest software and high-speed scanners to convert your documents in a timely and seamless process.

Lots of files? We’ll take care of them…

Document Preparation

Document preparation is a crucial part of MSI’s document scanning services. Document preparation will be completed as a separate process prior to scanning your documents. The preparation includes, but is not limited to, removal of documents from acco fasteners, removal of staples, binder clips, or any other fasteners, tape or otherwise secure re-positionable notes (such as “post it” notes), and tape small size items to 8.5 x 11” blank paper. Folded documents will be straightened and torn corners will be taped. This part of our document scanning services is sometimes considered the most important step, ensuring that all documents are ready to be scanned. A lot of times, organizations won’t consider the labor involved with this step, and don’t plan for it as part of their document scanning service. At MSI, we feel that by initially preparing the documents, we can save your organization time and money during the conversion process.

Document Scanning

The scanning process will be completed using primarily Kodak and Canon high-volume scanners due to their excellent output quality, reliability, and to ensure there is no damage to the documents. Since 1985, MSI’s forte has been document conversions. In nearly 30 years of experience, MSI has seen diverse paper colors, quality, inks and stamps. All documents can be scanned in either a TIFF or PDF format. We offer document scanning services for all types of documents:

Color images can be scanned in color and duplex scanning may be necessary to capture information on the back of documents. Our document scanning services also include systems that support blank page detection and removal. Document cleanup measures, such as de-skewing, de-speckling, and other common production scanning techniques, are also provided document scanning services.

Index & Data Entry

As part of our document scanning services, MSI utilizes manual data entry procedures and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technologies to create index records for your company’s converted digital images. Accurate indexing of your documents ensures efficient future retrieval of your files from digital image. At MSI we provide multiple advanced processing services. Depending on your document scanning service need, we can utilize both on-shore and off-shore data capture solutions as well as the latest in full text and zonal OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) software. Our machines and software also utilize OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) capabilities which provide our customers with high level metadata and index values which allow for easy text searches and can be used to search by attributes or by records in a database.

Document Scanning Services

Our Scanning Facility
Most of MSI’s clients choose to send their documents offsite to MSI’s Centennial, CO facility, where an advanced 24/7 security system keeps records secure during their conversion process. Our 15,000 Square Foot facility is dedicated to document scanning services, offering enough equipment & personnel to have your document conversion finished in a timely manner.
Onsite Scanning Services
Some clients are faced with unique situations wherein their set of documents can not leave their current location. For this, MSI offers onsite scanning services. Our team will arrive with all necessary equipment and be ready to scan within minutes!

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