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Modernize your mailroom with MSI’s document capture and mailroom automation services

The traditional mail handling process is time-consuming, expensive, and wasteful. Using a digital mailroom, mail can be redirected to the correct person’s email address for immediate access. Organizations can also filter spam, store invoices and other important documents instantly, and improve compliance by reducing lost paper mail.

Go paperless with a MSI mailroom solution

At MSI, we can help you transform your mailroom into a digital one. Our 35 years of experience have enabled us to help many organizations across diverse industries convert paper-based processes into efficient, secure and effective ones. You can trust us to open, sort, and manage your mail, and then electronically route it directly to the recipient for review, approval, and processing.

With our commitment to using the safest and latest technology, we guarantee 99.999 percent uptime on cloud software and workflow tools. With this in mind, we can deliver your organization a safe, efficient, and effective digital mailroom.

Mail Collected According to Your Preference

Mail Opened, Prepped and Scanned

Data Capture and Quality Control

Kick Off Automated Workflow

Data Entry Into Your System

Delivery to Platform of Your Choice

Advantages of transforming your mailroom with MSI

Increase productivity: Having your mail digitized and indexed will free up staff members from processing documents manually.

Secure document access: Your mail will be diverted to our secure facility, ensuring your private documents are kept safe. After being scanned, your digital files are available only to authorized staff, who can monitor a clearly defined audit trail to identify exactly who has accessed which documents.

Save space: By removing physical documents, your company will also experience fewer mailroom requirements, which will allow you to repurpose your current office space.

Faster retrieval: We index digital documents according to a set of specific factors that we discuss during our initial consultation. With a simple digital search, you can find the information you need, quickly and efficiently, instead of frantically searching through old letters.

Maintain your competitive edge: Keeps you ahead of competitors who haven’t yet adapted to a digital environment.

Process efficiency: We help you electronically route mail throughout your organization for review and approval, even to remote workers.

Get rid of manual bottlenecks: Rules can be set to forward emails when someone goes on vacation to another employee, which will ensure that the process continues.

Maintaining accurate records: Ensures mail is filed correctly and never lose a document again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Depending on the size of your operation, we can have your digital mailroom implemented in just a few days in many cases. We have a process that ensures all departments and employees will continue to receive their USPS mail, digitally, in a timely manner, instead of requiring them to be in the office where file cabinets limit sharing and searching capabilities. Contact us to learn how upgrading your mailroom operations can prevent lost documents, ensure faster and more accurate retrieval, and ensure your processes are easily documented.

Depending on your preference, we can pick up mail/documents at your location, receive at our local PO box, receive directly to our office or install network scanners and receive digital images.

You can reach us at Rush Pull Request. Our turnaround time is less than 8 hours.

Whether you are looking to manage printed invoices, digitize incoming physical mail, automate forms processing, let us help you implement a smarter and more efficient way to manage your existing mailroom processes. Get a free estimate today.