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eDiscovery Cloud-Hosted Review Software

At Mountain States Imaging we specialize in providing our legal clients with the best ediscovery cloud-hosted review solution on the market, Viewpoint. When you partner with us you receive a single, secure, affordable platform to manage your review process. MSI’s Viewpoint review solution is hosted out of our state-of-the-art corporate facility in Denver, Colorado. Our eDiscovery Cloud-Hosted Review solution enables you to easily identify key issues and organize your massive files with greater speed and accuracy so you can build a more thorough review. Our Viewpoint review software also allows for massive scalability and is a cost savings over other alternatives because you don’t have to pour additional funds into capital expenditures such as IT personnel, servers, and space…

State-of-the-Art Tools:

View Manager Search Preview

Users can examine search results prior to creating a batch of documents, but they also ensure that their search was correctly enabled by automatically removing false occurrences. Documents can easily be dropped or added to a batch based on their relativity.

Customize Your Layout

Every panel within the hosted review software is completely customizable. The overall layout, size, and shape can be saved based on the individual user. Dual monitor or widescreen capabilities are fully supported. The initial layout is much like Microsoft Outlook, which allows for a simple, easy-to-use review tool. For the more advanced user, it’s as simple as adding a few fields and re-arranging the layout based on user preferences.

Multiple Viewers

MSI’s eDiscovery cloud-hosted review solution; Viewpoint, includes several different viewing capabilities. The doc-viewers support more than 400 document types in their native format. What this means for you is cost savings because you don’t have to rely on multiple applications and you don’t have to install the software on multiple machines. Without having to purchase or install software on multiple machines, this will once again significantly cut down on review costs and staying within a deadline.

Suggestive Coding

Why read a document 50 times? Users have built in tools to immediately help them distinguish similar documents throughout their collection. After reading one document, quickly find other variations within the collection. Code your documents all at once rather than having to read them over again.

Inline Redaction

We’ve given users the ability to redact, trim parts, or entire pages of a document. Our redacting feature is useful for quickly blacking or whiting out large areas by only have to select the smaller non-privileged area and redacting out the rest of the document. With our hosted review tool, users can redact a 5 thousand page spreadsheet in a matter of seconds.

Keyword Filtering & Highlighting

Ever been reviewing and looking for specific keywords? By utilizing Viewpoint as a hosted product, it’s quick and easy for users to highlight specific keywords, making them easy to see and giving them the ability to skip several pages to go straight to what’s relevant!

eDiscovery Cloud-Hosted Review

Cloud-Hosted Review

View Demo:

For a traditional approach, users want to keep it simple. Point – click – tag – next. Basic functionality. The Viewpoint primary interface allows for a user to select an assignment called “Views”. Each View may be based upon search terms, custodians, concepts, dates, or any other type of filter or criteria available. Once the user selects their assignment View, they may begin to review each item linearly by navigating the documents “grid”. The Grid contains a simple method of organizing, filtering, and sorting the data so e-mail messages, attachments and all files are grouped however the user desires. The simple “drag and drop” interface resembles Microsoft Outlook and provide the user with this very familiar and simple environment.

Our Hosted Review Software is the most advanced, yet, easy-to-use software available today. With all of your data nestled in our state-of-the-art data center in Denver, Colorado, all you need is an Internet connection to have access to it at any time from anywhere!

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