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eDiscovery Data Collection: ESI

There are vast, redundant amounts of data that can suddenly be involved within your litigation. At Mountain States Imaging, we have prepared our eDiscovery solutions to handle them all. What kinds of electronically stored information (ESI) exist?  As your organization begins to think about eDiscovery Data Collection: ESI, think of some of the file types outlined on this page.

eDiscovery Data Collection Sources to Consider:

Email Accounts

Perhaps the most well-known form of ESI for eDiscovery data collection that has been used in litigation is email. Files like .PST’s (Personal Storage Table) that are generated by Outlook as backups of Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Attachments and much more. Imagine a .PST that’s 5GB’s in size. That one file could contain approximately 300,000+ pieces of information, and most litigation contains review of much more than just 1 PST file.

Google’s Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Microsoft SharePoint are all similar web based email accounts that can also be key factors in your eDiscovery data collection and can be trickier to get a hold of. Where Outlook generates a simple file, some of these web based email clients take a little more work to generate a similar file.

Hard Drives & Computers

Computer hard drives have become an extremely large part of litigations. Where small email files can range from 1-10GB, computer hard drives can be hundreds of GB’s. That’s a possibility of millions of images that could possibly be relevant to your litigation. MSI partners with Forensic Bureaus that will help streamline this portion of your eDiscovery data collection, and generate a defensible solution!

Social Media

Social media isn’t just on the rise like it was several years ago, it’s taken over the web, and lately, a lot more cases have begun to utilize social media at times for litigation. Sites like Facebook & Twitter can be extremely hard to export and create a data file for, but Mountain States Imaging and Viewpoint have an outlet to streamline the eDiscovery data collection process by directly migrating these social websites straight into our system.

Hard-Copy, Paper Files

Although we live in a digital world, there is still an extremity of paper out there. “Old-school” linear reviews consisted of turning every page and reading each page one at a time. Hundreds, thousands of boxes can take thousands of man-hours to review not to mention weeks-months to gather as part of the eDiscovery data collection process. MSI has a state-of-the-art scanning department that can efficiently digitize paper to be brought into eDiscovery review, eliminating the “old-school” linear review.

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eDiscovery Data Collection

Data Collections Grow Fast:

  • 1 Gigabyte
  • 1024 Mbytes
  • 20000 PDF's
  • 60000 Emails

Mountain States Imaging considers data sources as connectors, and we tie them direct into our Viewpoint processing module. We can take email accounts, hard drives, social media and paper – and easily “ingest” them directly into our Viewpoint eDiscovery platform repository.

Our data center in Denver, CO has been designed to create the most defensible solution to store data. Once your eDiscovery data collection is collected into our repository, the originals are preserved and are never moved, edited or arranged throughout the rest of the eDiscovery phases.

From there, we can ingest this data to prepare for the processing phase where the data will start to be organized and drastically reduced based on redundancy, date ranges and file types.

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Next Step: Processing Data After your eDiscovery Data Collection is complete, we'll process those files to help organize your data!