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eDiscovery Data Filtering & Data Analysis

With Viewpoint’s integrated central administrator’s console, it’s easy to create assignments, add users, manage security, batch assignments and organize your review.


Additionally, utilize our eDiscovery data filtering tools and analytic features; administered directly from the admin console to help organize and prepare the electronic data for review. Imagine being able to quickly develop piles of information based on keywords within the data.


You’ll have unlimited access to eDiscovery Data Filtering features like:

  • Customer key term query and analysis
  • Visual Index to perform key search term analysis and identification of hit-responsiveness prior to review
  • Query input and analysis
  • Phrase, Boolean, proximity, phonic, stemming, fuzzy search interface
  • Metadata and full-text index
  • Visual Analysis of your data
  • Graphical and tabular reporting
  • Analysis Administration
  • Concept searching, analysis and the creation of assignments by concept
  • Near-duplicate identification and analysis with similarity viewer
  • E-mail thread redundancy identification and management
  • Relationship Analysis of e-mail communications between parties
  • Access to all data sources allowing global or refined searching across all data sets
  • Creation and management of customer production and Issue tags
  • Creation of user assignments and batch workflow

eDiscovery Data Filtering & Analysis

Keyword Searching Speed
Imagine utilizing one of the most advanced eDIscovery Data Filtering tools to return keyword results in seconds! MSI utilizes advanced indexing (dtSearch) tools as part of the processing steps so that your search results query in just seconds.
Keyword Analysis
Instead of just “shooting-in-the-dark” for what keywords you want, try our keyword analyzer. We can take a word like Law, and ping it against the indexed data. This eDiscovery Data Filtering tool will quickly bring back like-words, such as Lawyer or Lawfirm and will immediately show you how many times that word appears within your data.
Save the Dates!
When processing a large collection, our eDiscovery Data Filtering tools allow our end-users to generate sliders and date ranges with their data. Generally, not all files are required in a discovery and there are parameters set-fourth for date ranges. Our tools will help you narrow your search in seconds.

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