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eDiscovery Data Production & Export

Once you’ve finished a review, or simply just processed data for your internal review software, Mountain States Imaging offers an efficient eDiscovery data production. Our capabilities allow us to manage eDiscovery data productions (both outbound and inbound) from a centralized location. 

Some production scenarios your firm may need:

Native Production

Often times, we are producing an eDiscovery data production set for opposing counsel and they’ve requested it in the most native format available. With our eDiscovery data production capabilities, we are able to redact privileged documents, while maintaining the ability to deliver in native format.

TIFF/PDF Production

MSI can take any amount of information and quickly convert it into TIFF, PDF or several other image based formats. Our flexible production supports all of the industry standard requirements. MSI can also deliver duplicated records or system files along with any collection.

Other Review Formats

A lot of users may need data processed into a format for other review tools like summation and concordance. We can quickly turn over data into appropriate image formats and also include customized load files to integrate into a client’s pre-existing software.

Bates & Endorsements

For Mountain States Imaging, bates stamping the image is part of the typical routine when working on a delivery. We can quickly apply bates endorsement to every image that is part of the production, as well as include bates endorsements as fields within the metadata. This way, if you need to rapidly return to a document, you can use the production bates label to find it!

Categorizing Production Folders

MSI can help our clients stay organized by producing and storing documents in the same folder sets that were used throughout the review process, allowing for more efficient retrieval.

Rolling Productions

With our rolling production capabilities, MSI can easily produce data on a rolling basis throughout your entire eDiscovery process. Often time’s users are faced with short deadlines and with rolling productions. We are able to provide you with the most up to date delivery of your data at all times.

Production Security

Mountain States Imaging follows strict procedures when creating produced data. Using multiple methods of security, the final data collection can be encrypted and sent by any methods requested. MSI offers a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) for all users to retrieve their final data set. Once a production has been completed, the review tools will lock the images that have been delivered so they can no longer be altered or reviewed again without administrator or project management’s authorization.

eDiscovery Data Production

How to Request Data

Do you need to request a production format for opposing counsel?  EDRM.net has outlined the standard production formats that most review software can handle.

With our eDiscovery Cloud-Hosted Viewpoint solution, we can basically handle any format that we receive data in, however, you can use this cheat sheet to deliver to opposing counsel for the best possible eDisovery data production format.

eDiscovery Data Production Specifications (PDF)

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