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Know peace of mind when your medical records are protected and compliant.

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HIPAA-compliant medical record scanning partner

We help healthcare, and medical offices in California eliminate shelves upon shelves or boxes and boxes of paper medical records by storing them digitally where they are safer and more accessible.

Our team of scanning professionals will have your medical records integrated with your EMR and EHR systems, and compliant with HIPAA and HITECH legislation.

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Reduce costs and increase productivity
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Get more out of your EMR and EHR systems
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Recovery plan in case in a disaster, loss of records
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Remain compliant with HIPAA and HITECH legislation
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Eliminate file cabinets and make better use of space

Why do medical offices choose MSI?

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Cloud systems

Whether your organization just needs a digital filing cabinet, or are looking for a complete file automation overhaul, MSI has the right cloud system for you.

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Organized data services

Our team of conversion professionals will organize your digital files however you desire.

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Enhance security

We pride ourselves on being transparent, compliant, and efficient as we help you with your digital transformation.


What our clients say about us and our work

“A true team of experts”

Very prompt service, MSI  knew exactly what I was referring to with some old microfiche files that we needed to have converted to PDF, and the PDFs were of very high quality when we got them back. Very reasonable cost as well. Great to have this resource available as we transition to the digital world!

Kim Henderson, CH2M
Construction & engineering

“A team that never undelivers”

We have been working with MSI for a  while now, and we have not had any issues. They are prompt and attentive to the details that make record retrieving seamless. The MSI team always responds promptly when a problem or question arises. Thank you, MSI!

Michael Blackmore, Santangelo Law Offices: The Idea Asset Group™
Law firm

“Great work quality, and delivered on time”

MSI helped my company go paperless by scanning 10+ filing cabinets.  They really helped work around our schedule so the scanning could be done during our slow period. We were very satisfied with their service!

Mike Gordon, Lighthouse Financial
Financial services