Work-From-Home With the increased demand for remote flexibility due to COVID-19, companies across the world quickly adopted work-from-home protocols.

One of the largest hurdles in remote work is (and has always been) accessing vital records that are still in paper format. Mountain States Imaging can quickly and cost effectively convert and organize your company's paper records into a streamlined digital collection.

Slide Still have paper files? MSI can help. The increased demand in work-from-home employees has skyrocketed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The studies aren't official as the data is still new, but it has been estimated that over 30% of employees will end up in a permanent work-from-home status.  Simply put, working-from-home is working.  

There were many fears from managers and employers that business could not continue if employees weren't at the office - but that fear has been greatly reduced, and in many cases, eliminated. As workers became more comfortable with digital platforms like Zoom or Teams, that fear went away.  Work continued.  But much like the fact that there are essential positions that could not work-from-home, there are also physical limitations - the greatest of them all: Paper Files.

Disaster Recovery - MSI has sold disaster recovery as a benefit to scanning for many years and the proof has become apparent in 2020.  When most people think of disaster recovery, they think about their files being destroyed in a flood or fire. Never did we expect a pandemic to be a form of disaster that we needed to be prepared for.  The pandemic is exactly that - a disaster, and companies who were 100% digital didn't even have to focus on their files.  Their employees were already used to having their files in the cloud - and while their physical environment changed, day-to-day operations didn't skip a beat.

Physical Footprint - Work-from-home success is leading to reduced physical footprints.  We've all been talking with friends, family, & co-workers, and we've all heard it - major corporations have extended their work-from-home protocols far into 2021, some have even extended them indefinitely.  Now that the fear of productivity is disappearing, companies are quickly realizing that they have too much real estate.  We've always discussed reducing the physical footprint of paper files, but what better time than now to move everything to the cloud?  Files take up space, and digital space is far less expensive than physical space!

Quick Turnaround - MSI is the largest document scanning company in Denver, Colorado, and one of the largest in the United States, with a workforce that can handle any volume of paper scanning.  With excellent reviews, and quick turnaround times, our team can help your company convert your paper files to digital in a seamless and efficient process.  

Instant access to files anytime, anywhere. Cloud Systems Whether your organization just needs a digital filing cabinet, or are looking for a complete file automation overhaul, MSI has the right cloud systems for you. Ask us how we can create an Artificially Intelligent workflow for your department. Organized Data Services Our team of conversion professionals will organize your digital files however you desire. During the conversion is the best time to re-think organization, and apply it digitally for years to come. Enhance Security Encryption. Password Protection. SSL security - these are all capabilities to protect data that MSI can deploy on any conversion, which makes them safer than ever before when they were paper!

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Let MSI streamline your file systems and increase your work-from-home productivity.
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