Digitally transforming employee HR documents and pension plan documents for one of the largest school districts in Colorado

Offering top-level security for Jefferson County School District

Digitally transforming employee HR documents and pension plan documents for one of the largest school districts in Colorado
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May 10, 2022

Project at a glance

rolls of film
staff records digitized


  • Document scanning
  • Metadata processing

Situation Overview

Jefferson County School District operates 166 schools with more than 80,000 students and 9,679.41 employees. The school district had managed HR and pension plan documents and their current and existing employees. They had to store and manage these vital records if insurance and government agencies required access to documents. The documents were stored in microfilm, and retrieving any information required each staff to run through their outdated microfilm device. Since the information was not tagged or cataloged, it would take hours to scour through the information they needed.

To make HR's access to information as efficient as possible, 750,000 images had to be digitized. They also wanted to focus more on their daily duties instead of spending hours looking for the information they needed on microfilm.

Our Solution

As part of the selection process, vendors had to undergo strict testing in which the dpi of images was verified, which MSI passed with flying colors. After reviewing several suppliers, Jefferson County School District selected our Denver microfilm conversion team since they were experienced in handling microfilm conversion projects and were FERPA compliant.

Security-screened employees collected all microfilms for scanning and conversion when the project began. Approximately 1100 rolls of paper containing over 3000 student records and 9000 staff records were digitized into TIFF and PDF files and saved to a USB drive provided by the school district. During the digitization process, images were converted to binary and greyscale before reels were returned to the archives.

Through its partnership with MSI, Jefferson County School District has brought microfilm and archives management into the digital age, making it possible to access, protect, and manage their data more effectively in the future.

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