Aperture Cards

Aperture Cards

Top of the line aperture card scanners

Aperture Cards

Our aperture card scanners read the punch data and scan the microfilm window to produce a high-quality digital image. In addition, we support multiple image capture formats, and can store your data for easy access and retrieval.

Why Choose MSI for your aperture scanning?

  • Image Enhancement: We use sophisticated image enhancement tools to ensure the absolute best scan results during our aperture card scanning.
  • Hollerith Indexing: All hollerith information will be captured and used as index information for each card.
  • Dual Output: Quality of film can be tough to capture, which is why we offer dual output options with our aperture card scanning service. We scan the file in high-resolution, high-quality grayscale and output the grayscale image, along with a compressed bitonal (black and white) image.
  • Multiple File Formats: Our aperture card scanning services can yield several different file format types, like Tiff (Bitonal), Tiff (Grayscale), PNG, PDF, JPEG (Grayscale), BMP (Grayscale), or RAW Tiff (GrayScale). These can then be combined into multi-page documents or remain separate depending on your request.


Q: What is your approach and methodology for an aperture cards scanning project?

A: We first want to understand your objectives, how you normally do business, what’s most important to you and your company, and what your vision is for a successful outcome. Then, we benchmark your preferences against records and information management principles, looking at workflow, compliance, retention, regulatory items, and security. Then we develop a plan that works with your budget and your future planning needs.

Q: What happens after the scanning process?

A: All reports are either returned to the client or securely shredded by our 3rd party vendor who maintains the appropriate certifications of shredding for us. All boxes to be shredded are tracked in our system, palletized, and shrink-wrapped before the vendor backs up to our dock to pickup in an enclosed trailer for secure transfer to their shredding facility.

Q: How long does it take?

A: It depends on the available space within your facility and how many books you have. We can ramp up our progress up or down and schedule the project according to your needs.

Q: Can I ship to you?

A: Yes of course!  Please just first reach out to confirm which location, how to properly prepare, and that our team knows they are incoming so they can prepare to receive them in our tracking systems.


review ratings

“MSI helped my company go paperless by scanning 10+ filing cabinets.  They really helped work around our schedule so the scanning could be done during our slow period.  We were very satisfied with their service!”

Rachel Fritz
Denver, CO
review ratings

“Wonderful service using MSI. They were fast and friendly. MSI saved our office thousands of hours of labor and delivered a digital product that was exactly to our expectations.”

Rachel Gibson
Los Angeles, CA
review ratings

“MSI was patient, knowledgeable, and great to work with through a digital transformation at our company! They have communicated and remained flexible through our entire project!”

Oscar Zuniga
Denver, CO
review ratings

“MSI has been a great partner. They were able to help us identify the scope of our project and provide different options to suit our needs. They were so helpful throughout the implementation process, always there to help us through any hiccups we experienced and ensure that we have a system that truly does what we want.”

Nina Severns
Denver, CO

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