Digitizing case documents for a government agency class-action lawsuit

Providing litigation support to a government agency's class-action lawsuit

Digitizing case documents for a government agency class-action lawsuit
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May 10, 2022

Project at a glance

documents scanned
nationwide districts served
US states, inc. Hawaii and Alaska


  • Document scanning
  • Litigation support
  • Custom tracking and chain of custody software
  • Electronic data conversion & migration
  • Electronic coding & indexing services
  • Custom software design & development
  • Custom software implementation & integration
  • Software and data hosting services

Situation overview

When a government agency’s class-action lawsuit had grown to 136,000 current and former employees, the pressure of managing all the related paper-based documentation became overwhelming.

Due to the sensitive nature of the project, extremely high-security clearances by the federal government were required for anyone working on the project.

After interviewing more than 10 companies for the job, MSI was selected to handle the mammoth task of processing the paperwork.

Our solution

Our expertise, along with privacy and security clearances through prior government projects, set our service bureau apart from any other.

All the HR documentation pertaining to the case was on paper, located in each field office around the country. We orchestrated a centralized location where documents could be shipped to us, scanned and sent back to the original location after being tagged to the claimant.

All this was done in compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) that required documentation to be stored securely. We were able to deliver all documentation to the agency via a Secure FTP server.

The project was one of the largest we have accomplished, scanning more than 75 million documents across five years.

Once this was complete, in order to proceed with claims, we were tasked with collecting data from disparate payroll and accounting systems along with old databases, inputting that information to a 50-page claimant questionnaire.

To do so, our in-house developers custom-designed the National Claimant Analysis Tool (NCAT). This is a content management, document tracking and analysis solution that would scrape metadata from terabytes of electronic data forms and place it in the questionnaires that attorneys and legal teams needed to complete. As the alternative was solely manual entry, the savings in man-hours was monumental.

The success of the project was evidenced by a six-year contract extension following the creation of the NCAT solution.

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