Streamlining Patient Chart Scanning and Storage: How Spine and Sport Medical Center in Colorado partnered with MSI

Discover how SpineOne partnered with HIPAA-certified agency MSI to digitize and securely store over 10 years of patient files.

Streamlining Patient Chart Scanning and Storage: How Spine and Sport Medical Center in Colorado partnered with MSI
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MSI Team
June 15, 2023

In today's fast-paced healthcare industry, the efficient management and accessibility of patient records are crucial. SpineOne, a renowned center for spine care in Colorado, faced a daunting challenge with over a decade's worth of patient files. Struggling with limited storage space, they recognized the need for a better solution and sought the expertise of MSI. As one of the few HIPAA-certified document scanning agencies, MSI presented a tailored approach to digitize and store patient records securely. This case study highlights the successful collaboration between SpineOne and MSI, resulting in enhanced efficiency, improved file accessibility, and compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Challenges Faced by SpineOne: 

For more than 10 years, SpineOne accumulated a significant volume of patient files, leaving them with no available storage space within their offices. The traditional paper-based records were not only taking up valuable physical space but also making it increasingly difficult to locate and retrieve specific patient charts promptly. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, SpineOne turned to MSI for their expertise in document scanning and storage.

The Solution Provided by MSI

SpineOne's partnership with MSI proved instrumental in transforming their record management system. As one of the few agencies with HIPAA certification, MSI ensured the highest standards of data security and confidentiality. They devised a customized solution that involved the digitization and secure storage of patient files within their long-term storage facility. By transitioning from paper-based records to digital files, SpineOne could free up physical space, eliminate the risk of document loss or damage, and streamline their overall operations.

Development of a Custom-Developed Portal: 

To further enhance accessibility, MSI developed a user-friendly and secure web portal exclusively for SpineOne. This portal enabled SpineOne to request patient files at any time, even in emergency situations. With a simple interface, authorized personnel could effortlessly search and retrieve the necessary files, ensuring quick access to critical patient information. The portal tracked the files, maintained a secure HIPAA-compliant copy of each document, and facilitated efficient communication among relevant stakeholders.

Benefits and Results: The collaboration between SpineOne and MSI yielded numerous benefits and positive outcomes:

  1. Efficient Document Retrieval: The custom-developed portal empowered SpineOne's staff to request patient files promptly. Through a secure and streamlined process, files were located, pulled, and delivered without unnecessary delays. This expedited access to patient information significantly improved the quality of care and minimized response times during emergencies.
  2. Enhanced Security and Compliance: With HIPAA certification, MSI prioritized the security and confidentiality of patient records. By digitizing and securely storing the files, they mitigated the risk of unauthorized access, loss, or damage. SpineOne's transition to digital records aligned with HIPAA regulations, ensuring compliance and safeguarding sensitive patient data.
  3. Optimal Space Utilization: The digitization of patient files liberated physical storage space at SpineOne's offices. This freed up valuable real estate that could be repurposed for other essential functions, improving overall operational efficiency and reducing costs associated with physical storage.
  4. Streamlined Workflows: By eliminating the need to manually search and retrieve paper records, staff members at SpineOne experienced significant time savings. The digitized records and the intuitive web portal provided a seamless experience, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on patient care and critical tasks rather than administrative burdens.


Through their collaboration with MSI, SpineOne successfully overcame the challenges associated with the accumulation of patient records. By implementing a comprehensive document scanning and storage solution, SpineOne enhanced accessibility, improved operational efficiency, and achieved compliance with HIPAA regulations. The custom-developed portal streamlined workflows, ensuring prompt access to patient files, especially during emergencies. As a result, SpineOne can now focus on delivering exceptional spine care while relying on the secure and efficient management of their digitized patient records by MSI.

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