Modernizing form processing to help Brakes Plus save $100k each month

Streamlining Brakes Plus digital scanning process by setting up a workflow that saved them time and money.

Modernizing form processing to help Brakes Plus save $100k each month
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May 10, 2022

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Situation overview

In 30 years, Colorado-based Brakes Plus grew its auto repairs business to more than 67 locations across six states. The expansion had taken its toll on document processing, with all paperwork being overnighted by FedEx back to its headquarters in Colorado for manual entry.

The vast amount of information that was being shipped across state lines was costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars each month. Their reliance on hardcopies of paperwork also raised concerns over data security, accuracy and timeliness. 

Brakes Plus needed to digitize its processes to save money and avoid getting left behind. 

Our solution

Recognizing the issues Brakes Plus were facing we moved quickly to install easy-to-use scanners at each of their document processing locations. With the click of a button, all documents would be instantly uploaded to a centralized location, immediately resulting in savings of over $30k a month in courier fees for the business.

But cost savings weren’t the only benefit Brakes Plus was able to receive from modernizing its processes. Instead of manual entry of customer pickup forms, invoices and job applications, MSI staff used AI Form Processing to organize by store, state and document type and subsequently extract metadata for use by their accounting, procurement, HR and revenue management teams. This saved time for Brakes Plus’s back-office teams and also minimized the risk of data accuracy issues.

The fact they no were longer under pressure to hold physical documents in perpetuity also eased significant concerns over data security.

The added data visibility Brakes Plus was able to achieve through our partnership has meant that it was able to create retargeting marketing campaigns, schedule customers’ next service dates and also help HR-processing in ways they previously had not expected.

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