Providing real-time medical records on the field for an NFL Championship team

Medical charts and record scanning for an NFL team to access reports on the field in real-time during games

Providing real-time medical records on the field for an NFL Championship team
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May 10, 2022

Project at a glance

of player records scanned
years of documents
increase in efficiency


  • Medical charts & records scanning
  • Process automation
  • AI form processing

Situation Overview

Over the 100+ years that the National Football League (NFL) has been around, there have been increasing concussions cases each year. USA Today reported a 14.9% increase in cases from the 2019 season to 2020.

In 2011, the NFL Head, Neck, and Spine Committee issued all teams an NFL Game Day Concussion Diagnosis and Management Protocol. In the protocol, team medical staff needed to access players' medical records in real-time. This team, and all other teams in the league, now needed to ensure they were compliant with the new NFL "Concussion Checklist."

Our Solution

First, the team enlisted us to help them scan more than 45 years worth of player medical records.

We then worked on a custom solution for real-time access on the field during games via Microsoft Surface Tablets. Our development team used artificial intelligence by categorizing each player by unique identifiers, including name, DOB, last concussion test, existing injuries, and much more.

Overall, we were able to optimize the team's medical staff workflow so that they could keep the players safe and remain compliant with NFL protocols.

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