Retrieving patient data for one of Axion Health's clients after a server malfunction

We helped Axion Health scan patient records and created a custom metadata solution to make their clinics more efficient

Retrieving patient data for one of Axion Health's clients after a server malfunction
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May 10, 2022

Project at a glance

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  • Metadata processing
  • Document scanning
  • Medical charts & recorders
  • business critical recovery

Situation Overview

Nationwide healthcare management company Axion Health's clients had a time-sensitive emergency.

A server malfunction wiped metadata from medical chart PDFs. Furthermore, all multiple-page PDFs were turned into more than 50,000 single-page, non-sequential images.

These documents had no connection to patients visiting medical practices, only with no data or charts with their records.

Our Solution

The emergency Axion Health experienced was unique and required all-hands-on-deck to clean up before too many patients were affected.

We began work on a custom solution to start scanning those images, using intelligent capture technology to extract patient names from the documents to classify and organize them.

Our development team wrote software to use artificial intelligence to combine pages without identifiable names or IDs for the more complex cases.

Internally it would take them three years and we did it in nine months. We delivered more than 99% of the files back in their original format, ready for patients.

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