School district digitizes decades-old student records

Digitizing 35 reels of microfilm for Adams 12 Five Star School District

School district digitizes decades-old student records
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May 10, 2022

Project at a glance

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Situation Overview

Located north of downtown Denver, Adams 12 Five Star School District is a state and nationally recognized school system. The district has 50 schools and serves 39,000 students.

The school district receives many student records requests from alumni and employers who wish to access historical student transcripts dating back to the 1960s stored on microfilm. Unfortunately, years of use began to affect the microfilm quality and the machines.

The district had managed and accessed microfilm data with a dated reader printer in the past. Still, the equipment had broken down, and no vendor could fix it, so they needed a microfilm scanning partner to retrieve vital student records.

Adams 12 Five Star School District wanted to move from microfilm to electronic records in easy-to-access, printable formats to store student records. They were also looking for a Denver microfilm service provider who would help them decrease student transcript retrieval time and improve student transcript security.

As a result, they needed a partner to help them implement a flexible system that could expand to meet the district's growing record storage needs.

Our Solution

They chose MSI for the conversion of all microfilm because of its experience and knowledge and because it could deliver information back to Adams 12 Five Star School District when needed.

We processed their entire microfilm collection following FERPA. First, all 35 reels of 16 mm microfilm transcripts kept by the school district were scanned and digitized using advanced technology. While scanning, our microfilm conversion team also ensured that the images were legible for the District to use. Secondly, we transferred the reel format to PDF to ensure that the files could be accessed digitally.

With the entire microfilm collection now digitized, they are securely stored, readily accessible, and backed up. By partnering with MSI, the Student Archives department at Adams 12 Five Star School District has brought their microfilm and archives management into the digital age, enabling them to access, protect, and manage their data more effectively in the future.

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