Streamlining medical HR practices with E-Forms

Providing Radiology Imaging Associates with a complete digital transformation

Streamlining medical HR practices with E-Forms
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May 10, 2022

Project at a glance

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  • Document Scanning
  • Cloud-Hosted Files
  • Workflow Automation
  • AI Forms Processing
  • Process Automation

Situation overview

With 25 locations nationwide encompassing over 100 MDs, Colorado-headquartered Radiology Imaging Associates (RIA) has grown to become one of the largest X-ray centers in the country. 

Along with that growth came added paperwork, overwhelming the human resources department. The hiring forms RIA created were all on paper, requiring manual data retrieval and entry into computer systems. They would have to examine files each year by hand just to make sure they were compliant with employee records. 

Tired of manually processing these and wanting to move away from paper forms, we offered RIA a solution by scanning old documentation and building e-forms that would replicate the old process while streamlining the workload. 

Our solution

First, all RIA’s documents, both active and term files were scanned and input into a cloud-based HR Information System (HRIS), accessible anywhere and no longer just in-person. The cloud-hosted option also meant they would no longer be reliant on a single store of physical documentation in a warehouse again.

An e-form for new applicants was then built into RIA’s website creating a digital alternative and based on the outcome the form’s details could be pushed straight into the HRIS, avoiding accuracy concerns from data entry.

We also integrated custom-built workflow automation into their systems. After a form was processed, if a hiring manager approved a candidate the system would automatically recognize this and begin the new hire workflow, minimizing the burden placed on back-office staff.

One of the greatest challenges in HR is manually processing which paperwork is relevant for long-term record keeping and which can be discarded. 

MSI’s innovative solution meant that the system would automatically recognize which details were necessary to be kept and which could be purged. The rules set within the system eliminate manual audits which are both burdensome and costly for small enterprises. RIA does not need to factor these in any longer.  

The cost and time savings for RIA have been huge, with an HR department now freed up to deal with other tasks.

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