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Conversion Services

At MSI, we provide document scanning services that are truly unique and remarkably efficient. We use the latest software and high-speed scanners to convert your documents in a timely and seamless process.

Document Scanning Services

We recognize that your documents are a vital aspect of your business. We also realize that scanning and managing large document collections, whether paper or electronic, can be overwhelming. Our scanning and conversion services grant you a customized solution for your company and for your individual document imaging needs.

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Microfilm & Microfiche Scanning Services

MSI’s Microfilm & Microfiche Scanning Services are completed using our stable of the newest and best-of-breed film scanners from Mekel and NextScan to ensure there is no damage to the film.  By utilizing leading-edge technology, MSI can quickly and efficiently convert tens of thousands of Microfilm & Microfiche images each day.

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Aperture  Card Scanning  Services

MSI maintains a top of the line aperture card scanner. Our scanner reads the punch data and scans the microfilm window to produce a high quality digital image. We support multiple image capture formats and we can easily store your data for easy access and retrieval.

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Large Format, Well Logs, Blueprint, & Map Scanning Services

MSI can capture all of your large scale document images. Whether you have topographic maps, well files, geological maps or engineering drawings, we provide a superior full scale image capture which allows you to easily archive all of your over sized documents.

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Bound Journal, Book, and Ledger Scanning Services

Do you want to digitize your book collection? MSI provides quality book scanning services and customizable solutions to turn your bound books into a digital library.  Our team of experts takes the greatest care when working with your bound materials. We are accustomed to working with everything from fragile historical collections as well as the latest magazines and periodicals.

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