Aperture Card Scanning

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Aperture Card Scanning Services

MSI maintains top of the line aperture card scanners. Our aperture card scanners read the punch data and scans the microfilm window to produce a high quality digital image. We support multiple image capture formats and we can easily store your data for easy access and retrieval.

  • Image Enhancement
    We use sophisticated image enhancement tools to ensure absolute best scan results during our aperture card scanning.
  • Hollerith Indexing
    All hollerith information will be captured and used as index information for each card.
  • Dual Output
    Quality of film can be tough to capture which is why we offer dual output options with our aperture card scanning service. We scan the file in high-resolution, high-quality grayscale, and output the grayscale image, along with a compressed bitonal (black and white) image.
  • Multiple File Formats
    Our aperture card scanning services can yield several different file format types, like: Tiff (Bitonal), Tiff (Grayscale), PNG, PDF, JPEG (Grayscale), BMP (Grayscale) or RAW Tiff (GrayScale). These can then be combined into multi-page documents, or remain separate depending on your request.

Aperture Card Scanning

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